Soothing Songs to Listen to While Sheltered-In During the Age of Coronavirus

Cruise ship for blog post about coronavirus

The last time I blogged was before the Age of Coronavirus. It felt like ages ago, a whole different world. Right now I’m inside my apartment holed up with my husband and son feeling like we’re on the Titanic, watching from our port hole windows as the world feels like it’s drowning. Like a disaster movie merged with a zombie horror plot. As an introvert, someone who occasional struggles with social anxiety, socially distancing from others isn’t as worrisome. But with rampant xenophobia on the rise, as an American of Chinese descent, a mother, I have an extra layer of worry now. Yet, strangely, I am hopeful that from this uncertain time will give birth to something anew. And even if that doesn’t happen, I’m glad there are soothing songs such as this one by Max Richter.

And for other soothing concerts and songs that help activate your parasympathetic nervous system to build up your immune system, there’s this.


Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash