From the Archives (When We First Discovered the Cancer and Ketogenic Diet)

Darrell driving blissmobil

I can’t believe I just stumbled upon an old blog on Tumblr I had written in despair, back when we first found out Darrell had cancer. Rereading it now (Jan 2018) is surreal, transporting us back in time to when it all began (Nov 7, 2014), when our lives divided in half, changing to “Life Before Cancer” and “Life After Cancer.”

Funny how memory can fail us; I’ve been actually telling people we started this keto life in 2015 when we actually started eating keto at the end of 2014. Whatever the case, it’s the best thing we’ve ever done for our health, for our lives.

If interested, check out what I wrote during this time. It was a time when I was scared as hell, and also a nice peek into our initial experiences eating keto for cancer (and the irony of learning how to eat keto while devouring  mac n’ cheese, plus lots of beer):

On Borrowed Time: My Husband’s Cancer



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