A New Soothing Discovery

Soothing - Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

There are some soothing videos on YouTube I really like to watch to relax, usually related to cooking, minimalist bulletjournal planning, or knitting.

Well, Darrell just turned me onto this guy’s channel: Primitive Technology. Watching his videos is strangely soothing, hypnotic, making you want to go out into the wild and get your hands in wet mud to build your own kilns or tiles to build the roof of your hut — no modern tools whatsoever! Even in that survivalist show, Naked and Afraid, participants can bring one tool, such as a knife or cooking pan from home. Not this guy from Australia. Whether he’s weaving a basket, building a furnace, making a hut, or making flour he’s grown from arrowroot tubers, he’s doing this all by hand. This makes me wish, during our time living full-time in a RV, boondocking, traveling and staying in BLM land or forest roads in parts of the U.S., and then later for about six months in Baja North, Baja Sur, and then mainland Mexico, that we had done something like this.

My stepdaughter who is visiting us commented that these videos, especially the one where the guy actually makes iron, is a lot like playing Minecraft, the video game she plays with her little brother and dad.

Watch these videos for yourself to get inspired. Or at the very least, to soothe your nerves and activate your parasympathetic nervous system to rest and relax!

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