How Remembering to Allow and Detach is Simply Learning to Trust

A lone egg in red background knowing how to allow and detach

Allow and Detach
Allow and Detach
Allow and Detach
Allow and Detach
Allow and Detach

This is the phrase that kept popping up in my head during and after meditation this morning. I realize I’m oftentimes pushing for things to happen. Stuff on my to-do list. My kid to clean up his room. Wishing I was faster at finally finishing my novel. Catching up on all the stuff I said I’d do for clients, for work. Wishing I had put more effort in how I showed up for this or that.

But then I remembered the “Egg Wisdom” I read about in the book by Kate Northrup (Do Less), recommended to me by my amazing nutritionist who is also a life coach. I’m paraphrasing here, but in the book, she talks about how the egg released inside a woman’s body naturally knows how to do things in its own proper time. She doesn’t obsess or fixate on whether or not the sperm is coming along. In fact, she’s not waiting on him at all! She’s not calling all of her friends wondering why the sperm isn’t there yet, hasn’t called or responded to her text. She’s not rushing to get where she’s going, stressing and worrying along the way that she isn’t doing enough. She’s simply enough.


She’s demonstrating the ultimate in TRUST. She’s allowing and detaching.

Allow and detach.


I want to do more of that this year. This decade. This life.

I’m tired of rushing, stressing, worrying, ruminating, nagging (either myself or others).

And isn’t there a better time to practice allowing and detaching–to simply trust–than now?

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