Channeling the Spider

Channeling the spider on a web

While at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, last year (when we were still living in a RV full-time as a family last year),  I did a Mayan energy healing with a woman named Azenet who had quit her job as a journalist to become a Shaman and energy healer. Using the Mayan calendar, she gave me a reading. Having never done anything like this before, I was skeptical at first. She talked about closures and circles. But she also talked about animals that came up for me. One of them was the spider. She said the spider was brave. It had the courage to leap before it even knows where it’ll land. The spider, I realized as she spoke, was a symbol of courage and facing one’s fears. Instead of being scary, this little creature was inspiring in its many abilities, to spin beautiful webs, to leap from soaring heights into the unknown.

How can I be like the spider and spin a web without fear or internal drama, just do the thing, and weave projects and tasks into completion, to close the unfinished circles in my life and find closure? Projects like my novel and other writing I’ve been yearning to finish. Being able to earn more money but in a way where I know that what I’m doing is actually helping others?

How could I channel the spider’s courage into my own life?

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