I Am: A Poem Inspired by I Am A Mountain and Walk Earlier Today

Photo by Kaique Rocha: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-brown-leaf-290617/

I am the still of the dangling leaves in the hot sun
I am the man who is old and shirtless yet runs hard
I am the dirt path between the trees, edging the lake
I am the turquoise blue of Barton Springs creek
I am the green grass of Zilker Park
I am the giant twisty oaks abundant in foliage
I am the hot sun baking the city of Austin below
I am the wistful smoke of the sage I burn to release
I am the dainty crooked necked soot-colored birds
I am the calico cat depositing a ring of washi tape
I am the gray cat with deep yellow eyes beckoning

Inspired by “I Am the Mountain” meditation

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