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Sonia Choquette, who I wanna be when I grow up, suggested starting an “I love…” list. There’s something about her, this vibrant and beautiful woman, that makes my heart sing. I love her energy, her frequency, how she makes me feel possibilities and potentials in my own life, for our world. With people like Sonia out there, it gives me hope.

One of her tricks, she says, for vibrating higher, is to start an “I love…” list. Ever since I discovered her existence this year, I started keeping an ongoing list. I don’t do it every day, but when I do, I add it to the one I started in this note-taking app: Obsidian. (It’s now my favorite place to connect the dots and write in. Yes, it just dawned on me to add this to my list — I love Obsidian.)

This is what I wrote today:

I love…

  • Folding laundry – it’s such a comfort when to-dos with deadlines are looming; matching pairs of socks feels like the ultimate mission of humanity, up there in importance as curing cancer or homelessness
  • Watching Theo sleep curled up in a ball nestled against a pile of folded t-shirts from the clean laundry, his chest rising and falling softly while Pumpkin cleans him with the gentleness of a mother who loves unconditionally. These cats have no cares in the world. They’re not worrying about deadlines or to-dos, about being late and making someone mad, losing their job, their reputation and self-respect. They are just living, being who they are–creatures of this earth who are authentically alive.
  • The feeling of clarity I get when fasting, in ketosis; it helps me be able to handle everything on my plate right now.
  • Having gone to the gym, that feel-good feeling afterwards, knowing you are gaining muscles and your bones are becoming more dense, less brittle even as you age.
  • Reparenting my Inner Rebel Child who needs structure in her life, feeling held, knowing that my Higher Self, my Authoritative Parent within is in charge, not the neglectful Permissive Parent who lets her run amuck and do/eat/drink/spend all the things.
  • The act of writing, of sharing.

When you write down your “I love…” list, it puts you into this incredible emotional state that makes you feel ready to face your to-dos, the people in your life, and the world.

What about you? What do you love?

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