Reflections on My 7-Day 5AM Wake-Up Challenge

Clock depicting 5am - wake up challenge

It’s Day 7 of my 7-day 5am Wake Up Challenge. I’m here up before dark, actually blogging. I guess it’s a substitute for my usual Morning Pages done via 750 words (my favorite place to journal or write — I love the feeling of a glaringly white blank canvas that belongs on someone else’s server).

This morning, when my alarm rang at 5am, I decided that from here on out, I’d get up instead at 5:30am. That way, I have a little more time at night to wind down, aiming for lights out at 9:30pm to get a full 8 hours of sleep. I’ve been noticing that I tend to sleep around 7 hours, in general. Back when my Oura ring was working, that’s the trend I noticed in my history (since November, it stopped connecting after an update, so I need to contact their support to get that fixed — I actually feel naked without it, sad that I can’t measure my Deep Sleep or HRV anymore).

Waking up at 5am for 7 days in a row has helped me realize that I thrive in the early mornings. I actually got more done, work-wise and writing-wise, than I’ve ever done before. Especially when I wait until the afternoon to begin working or writing, I find myself petering out earlier, followed by perpetual procrastination. It’s funny how all the little emails, newsletters, texts, podcasts, YouTube videos, or news links can spiral into yet another unfulfilling day. I don’t want to live like that anymore, hijacked by other people constantly. I want to live a more intentional life, directing my attention with intention of my own design.

Another thing I love about waking up early is that the words tend to tumble out easier. I’m less prone to fear. The usual muzzle around my mouth is barely noticeable. I realize that this is also part of facing fear in the face: getting up early and tackling stuff that you tend to put off because you’ve caved into fear, distraction and fatigue.

I really love waking up and feeling like time is on my side. Instead of tumbling out of bed at 7:30 or 8am, scrambling to the kitchen to make breakfast for my kid, already feeling behind. Waking up early allows me to meditate, write, journal, plan my day, check my GKI (or lack of one, like I have today, after going off carnivore and keto for two days–but I don’t let myself spiral out of control for more than two consecutive days), exercise and/or read something inspiring — all before the sun comes out!

If you haven’t tried this 5am wake up challenge to start your day early and want to read more reasons why you might want to try it, read this article.


Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash