Some Healing Resources to Share

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The past few days, I came across some gems that I’d like to share. They’re some healing resources I’m parking here for myself to go back to if I forget.

These are from a free (for a limited time) Trauma Conference from Conscious Life. I got to hear a few talks, one about breathing exercises for panic attacks and another one about using restorative yoga as a way to calm your nervous system. I’ve shown up for their informative and healing virtual conferences a year ago, and loved Adelene Cheong’s way of cocooning your own body with blankets and pillows to fall into a deep relaxation. I still do one of the ones I learned from her when I feel overwhelmed. It’s where you lie down on your bed on your back with no pillow underneath your head, and a pillow or two under your knees. Putting a eye pillow or just a soft shirt over your eyes, you listen to spa or yoga music you can find on Spotify and set your timer for 10-20 minutes. I feel so restored afterwards. So when I saw Adelene’s talks, I searched for her information online to learn more. Turns out she has this treasure trove of videos on YouTube.

How to use breathing to manage panic attacks was a talk given by Dr. Brad Lichtenstein. He talked about how when someone is having a panic attack, he reminds them that they aren’t their panic; it’s simply that they’re not breathing correctly. Their inhales are longer than their exhales, and it needs to be the opposite. He talked about posture helping, how many of us are seated at desks, parked in front of screens, our ribcages on our belly. How we in our modern world often have “email apnea”, where we hold our breaths while scrolling through emails, texts, social media. How we’re often holding our breaths, shallow breathing. He suggests inhaling (regularly, not deeply) for four counts, then pursing your lips to slowly breathe out six counts. Practice that for twenty minutes, twice a day, and if you do it for eight to ten weeks, you can help reduce panic attacks. Then I landed on his website and found also this bounty of free guided meditations and breathing exercises. I’ve tried several already and love how relaxed I feel afterwards. He has a soothing voice.

Anyhow, these resources are just a few that I found that I’d love to park here to remember. If you try these out and they help you too, that’s even better!


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